Oh, Christmas Tree!

This isn’t our first Christmas in our house, but it’s the first one with any semblance of sanity. Although we don’t have a huge stash of Christmas decorations, we took advantage of the slower pace this year (read: not moving into a new house!) and made a nice little Christmas corner in our living room.

First, the tree.

$40 Thrift-Store Tree!

$40 Thrift-Store Tree!

We got our tree at the local thrift store. We also bought some lights there, but it turned out they were intended for bushes, not trees (they’re arranged in a mesh rather than a string), so we went out and bought some strings too.

Jordan’s coworker said wrapping lights around the trunk makes it look like the tree is lit from the inside.

Trunk-tastic lighting

Trunk-tastic lighting

Then we wrapped another string around the outside.



And can’t forget the ornaments, of course!

Can't forget the ornaments!

Can’t forget the ornaments!

We have a tradition we started our first year of marriage of buying a special ornament each Christmas to represent the year that’s past.

Our first year we bought a "J"

Our first year we bought a “J”

Our second year (not pictured) was an ornament from the university where we got our Masters.

Last year was a house

Last year was a house

And this year was very special to us as it represented the little life that is no longer with us.

Baby Bean

Baby Bean

I also finally got the nativity set I’ve been wanting for years (it was 75% off!) and some cute stocking hangers. Here’s the view of our mantle.

I love having a mantle at Christmastime!

I love having a mantle at Christmas time!

The kitties enjoy Christmas too–it means warm fires in the fireplace!

Basking in the glow of a dwindling fire

Basking in the glow of a dwindling fire

We didn’t do any outdoor decorations, but we bought a couple wreaths on clearance at the end of the season. I’m looking forward to being festive outdoors next year!


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