When Life Gets Crazy…

Sometimes life is hard. Mostly, right now, we’ve just been terribly busy, on top of taking turns being sick and stressing about the kitchen renovation we’re right in the middle of. So please excuse my long absence and bear with me just a little longer… I hope to be back with a real post before too much longer. In the meantime, please enjoy some lighthearted entertainment:

1) this blog, whose author is, sadly, taking a hiatus. The archived entries are entirely worth a read if you’re into humor involving grammar and freshmen college students’ inability to use it properly.

2) a fun song with quirky lyrics and a video to match.


One thought on “When Life Gets Crazy…

  1. Kitchen renovation can take a lot out of you! Right there with you and it will all be worth it when it’s DONE! Excited for you!!!

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