When Life Gets Crazy…

Sometimes life is hard. Mostly, right now, we’ve just been terribly busy, on top of taking turns being sick and stressing about the kitchen renovation we’re right in the middle of. So please excuse my long absence and bear with me just a little longer… I hope to be back with a real post before too much longer. In the meantime, please enjoy some lighthearted entertainment:

1) this blog, whose author is, sadly, taking a hiatus. The archived entries are entirely worth a read if you’re into humor involving grammar and freshmen college students’ inability to use it properly.

2) a fun song with quirky lyrics and a video to match.


A New England Expedition

I had every intention of writing last week, and even started a post. Unfortunately, I didn’t start it until Tuesday, and as each of the subsequent days passed without my getting a chance to finish it, the chances of my publishing something significantly decreased. I blame the lack of a post last Sunday on this guy:


Cedar and I are pals

This past Wednesday Jordan and I made the long drive to Maine to see Josh, Jane, and baby Cedar, who were visiting from Utah. (And in case you were wondering, taking I-95 from Maryland to Maine costs a grand total of $52.70 in tolls. We opted for the longer, toll-free, scenic route on the way back.) We arrived at my parents’ house at about midnight, and the next day we all piled into the car(s) for a two-night camping trip in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest. Jordan and Cedar shared some firsts: first camping trip and, Friday morning, first time up Mt. Washington. I’ve hiked Mt. Washington a few times before and have always enjoyed it, so I was rather excited to finally get a chance to take Jordan with me.

Pretty waterfall on the way up

Pretty waterfall on the way up

Predicting the weather at the top of Mt. Washington is very simple: just say, “cold, foggy, windy, and wet,” and your chances of being correct are extremely high. You should consider yourself lucky if you can see more than 20 feet in front of you when you get to the top. (Fun fact: Mt. Washington boasts the highest recorded wind speeds in the world at 231 MPH.)

We made it!

We made it!

After another night of camping, we decided two days of 9 adults without showers was enough, so we broke camp and headed to a nearby pond for some leisurely canoeing.

Beautiful New England!

Beautiful New England! 

About half of the group opted to hike to the pond from our camp, but because I had twisted my ankle during the Mt. Washington hike, it was decided that I should be part of the convoy driving the cars from point A to point B. And because I was part of the first group at the pond, I also had the opportunity to prove how much I’ve forgotten of the Russian I “learned” during grad school. There was a family there that we overheard speaking Russian, and my dad tried to get me to speak to them. I couldn’t even remember how to say, “Hello”! Disgraceful.

Then we went to visit my Grammie (LOVE her!) and also got to see my aunt and uncle who were also visiting. When we finally arrived back at my parents’ house that night, we were all tired, sweaty, and probably stinky, but amazingly we all still love each other. 😉 Sunday between church services we had a flat-items-only-that-will-be-easy-to-take-on-a-plane (i.e., money, gift cards) baby shower for Jane and Cedar, and then Monday morning we were all heading home again.

All in all, it was a fun trip, and it was lovely to see family again (and meet the newest family member!), but between camping, an episode with the cat (that I will not get into except to say that it was… odoriferous), and waking up at 4 AM on Monday to see Josh and Jane off, sleep was at a minimum last weekend, and I felt like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation.

And then we got right back into crazy life again. But that’s a post for another time. (If–and that’s a big “if”–I have time this week, I’ll say a little something about what’s been occupying us this week.)

And now, some totally gratuitous baby pictures. Because I’m a first time auntie and proud of it, that’s why.

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