Of Policemen and Freight Trains

Police Cars

Police Cars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing I don’t understand about this state (county?) is the way policemen pull people over here. You would think a single officer would be sufficient for handling a single speeder, right? Yeah, so would I. But apparently you and I know nothing about the true danger these velocity-loving miscreants pose to peace-loving citizens everywhere. For it takes not one, not even two, but three policemen to handle one speeding ticket. I saw this riding home from work today and would have thought the situation must simply have been worse than it appeared except for the fact that this is standard practice. Nine times out of ten, a car pulled over on the side of the road is accompanied by at least two police cars.

Please help me out here–is there something I’m missing? Or is this just an odd feature of the county I live in? Maryland as a whole? Do you ever see this in your state (if you’re not a Maryland resident)? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

On another note, I got to wait at the railroad crossing for a real live freight train today, not just a Marc train. Oh, what fun.


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