Friends, Old and New

Last weekend our friends Nick and Bre stayed with us while they were apartment shopping for their upcoming move to the area. It’s a funny story how we met Nick–he was a fellow student at the University of Tulsa. Specifically, he was my classmate in the Penetration Testing class. One of the focuses of the class is operational security, which essentially comes down to an awareness of what information people can gather about you or your company without your knowledge. So one of the big projects of the semester is what is affectionately termed “the stalking project.” Each student is assigned another student to “stalk,” gathering as much information about that student as he or she possibly can (within certain constraints) without the other person figuring out who his stalker is.

Nick was my assigned target, and as I was researching him, I came across his Google+ account, where it quickly became obvious that we shared a common faith. He and his friends made references to theology and Christian writers, and I also found an email from his church when he (oops!) left his Gmail logged in on a lab computer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say anything to him until the project was over since it would blow my cover, but the day I gave my presentation, I sent him an email letting him know about our common ground. We invited him to church with us since he’d had some difficulty finding a good church in the area, had him over for lunch a few times, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So this month Nick graduated and then married his sweetheart, Bre, whom we had not yet met. We offered them a place to stay during their post-honeymoon apartment hunt this past weekend. They arrived on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday. (I’m not-so-secretly hoping they decide to attend our church regularly, since I felt like Bre and I hit it off really well, and it would be a no-fuss way for us all to see more of each other. But mostly I hope they find the place that’s right for them.) They found an apartment they liked Sunday afternoon, so they got to spend a few low-stress days until they left on Wednesday morning. We had a lovely time with our new(ish) friends and are looking forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Then, Wednesday afternoon (after I spent the morning waiting for an HVAC guy who decided to show up late enough that we had to reschedule for the evening), Jordan and I went to meet an old friend, our college computer science teacher, Mr. Wooster, who plays a rather important role in the story of how we met. (But that’s a story for another time…) He was passing through after visiting his daughter in PA and wanted to meet us for lunch at Chick-fil-A, followed by a trip to the National Cryptologic Museum. We’ve been there a few times but always enjoy taking new people there. It contains a pretty fascinating history of crypto, specifically as it relates to American capabilities. They have a couple real Enigma machines that you’re allowed to touch. And–best part–the museum is free! (Side note if you ever plan to visit–it’s a little scary the first time you go since you’ll start seeing signs that indicate you’re entering a restricted area and that ID is required, etc., etc. It kind of freaked me out the first time we visited. 🙂 But if you just follow the signs for the museum and keep left, you’ll be fine.)

Then we visited the National Vigilance Park, which neighbors the museum, where I snapped a photo of this poem:

I Am Military Intelligence

I Am Military Intelligence

And that was our (extended) Memorial Day weekend. How did you spend yours?


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