Oh, The Things You’ll See!

If I were to create a blog just about the things I see while riding my bike, it would probably be pretty boring. Something like this:

Day 1: Saw a discarded Wendy’s cup.

Day 2: Saw a discarded water bottle.

Day 3: Saw a discarded candy wrapper.

Do you see where I’m going here? Litter, litter, everywhere.

Today, though, I saw a couple interesting non-litter items. Sadly, I forgot my phone today, so I will just have to hope my words are worth a little more than a thousandth of a picture.

1) A puddle of blood. Ummm… what? I don’t know if an animal got hit and someone/something dragged it off the road or what, but there was what appeared to be a baseball-sized puddle of blood in my path. Gross.

2) A black snake. Not quite so unusual, but still caught me by surprise since I almost ran over it. Yuck again.

So that was my exciting day. Tell me about yours!


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