Our Babies

Since I’m not a mother yet, it’s OK if my Mother’s Day post is late, right?

On Sunday, we passed a Mother’s Day flower stand on the way to church. When we passed it again on the way home, we had a variation of the same conversation we had last year.

Me: You should get me Mother’s Day flowers.
Jordan: You’re not a mother.
Me: I have kitty babies.
Jordan: They did not emerge from your womb.

If I’d been thinking quickly, I would have reminded him that we’ve talked about adoption, and adopted children will not have emerged from my womb. But, alas, the moment passed, and I didn’t get any Mother’s Day flowers this year either. Maybe next year?

In any case, let me tell you about our babies.

Our firstborn is MIPS. Her name stands for “millions of instructions per second,” a unit of computer-speed measurement. Yes, the names were my idea.

MIPS *owns* our bed

MIPS *owns* our bed

She’s very shy. When we brought her home, she ran and hid between the shower curtains, and it took us quite some time to find her. She still likes to find unusual places to hang out.

Hi, MIPS! Are you hiding again?

Hi, MIPS! Are you hiding again?

She’s finally beginning to discover that she likes attention, but she still hides when people visit. She’s also very quiet and rarely even squeaks.

Then we got FLOPS. His name means “floating point operations per second.” (Yes, there’s a theme.)



He’s MIPS’s real-life brother (half-brother?), but they’re nothing alike. FLOPS is everyone’s best friend, even if he’s just met you. He loves attention and falls over for a belly rub almost before you’ve started petting him. He’s highly talkative, especially when he’s asking for attention.

My boys enjoying the day off.

My boys enjoying the day off.

He likes beating up his big sister, but when all is said and done, I think they really love each other.

Kitty love!

Kitty love!

In at least one way they’re similar, though. They both love watching the outdoors.

It looks so nice out there!

Please don’t tell my father I wrote this post. He hates it when people talk about their pets as if they were human children. 😉


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