An Ordinary Christmas

For Christmas this year, my parents gave me a record player and brought some of the records I’d collected as a teenager.


Don’t let its retro appearance fool you. It also plays CDs and cassette tapes and has an input jack that’s perfect for playing from a computer or MP3 player.

Lately we’ve been listening to some old records we bought at our neighbor’s estate sale last month, but tonight Jordan decided it was time for Christmas music. “People don’t listen to Christmas music enough,” he said.

When I was a teenager I hated Christmas music, but now when I think about what it means–that God came to earth in human form–I can’t help but appreciate it. So over our Sunday-evening strawberry-blueberry smoothies and popcorn, to a backdrop of “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” we talked about what it might have been like to deliver the Son of God. Was it a hard delivery? Was it easier than usual? Jordan decided, “It was surely nothing magical,” and “I imagine it was probably entirely average.”

You know how sometimes you know a thing but don’t really know it, and then one day it just hits you? That’s how I felt when Jordan said, “I imagine it was probably entirely average.” He entered the world in exactly the same way any of us entered the world. Nothing special, entirely ordinary.

Yet He was anything but ordinary.


2 thoughts on “An Ordinary Christmas

  1. I was blessed with a fairly easy labor and delivery however it was in no way an “average experience”. When child birth is evaluated in scientific meausures it may be an “average experience” but when evaluated in human emotions, there is nothing average about it. It’s cool to realize that while child birth is something normal it is also the closest thing to magic I have ever felt. What a fitting way for our savior to come into this world.

    Also I must add, it’s pretty intimidating commenting on the blog of a former English teacher.

    • Thanks for the insight, Carmen! Not being a mother myself, I know your perspective is much more relevant than mine.

      And please don’t feel intimidated about commenting! I promise not to nitpick, and I love hearing other people’s thoughts. 🙂 The irony is that I just had to edit my comment because of a grammatical error!

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