New Beginnings

Who doesn’t love a new beginning? This blog is a new beginning in a lot of ways:

It’s a new blog. Admittedly, I’m not really new to the “share your life on the Internet” world. But my last venture into blog-dom (if you can call it that) was about 10 years ago. It was 2001, my senior year of high school, and Open Diary was all the rage. I loved writing (poetry especially, in those days), so I added my voice to those of the legions of angst-ridden teenage girls. [Funny thing: I just checked, and apparently is still in business. Who knew!]

I’m a new person. Remember that senior year of high school? That era was near the apex of my period of teenage rebellion. I was raised Protestant and adhered to the faith for much of my childhood, but I began my decline into apostasy sometime near the age of 12. It took a year of reckless living after high school to realize my need for a Savior. (I think that’s a story I’ll save for another time.)

I’m in a new situation. Newly married (one year next month!), newly moved to the midwest for continued education, and newly immersed in an avid job search.

So what is my purpose for this blog? It’s an experiment of sorts. A creative outlet, an opportunity to improve my writing skills, an exploration into what I like to write about. Something I’d like to see develop organically.

How about you? What do you think of new beginnings? When have you been given a chance to start again?